Karl Lippard - Military Weapons Division
Future Military Models and Weapons

A3 Pistol Model
All pistol parts identified with "A3" nomenclature are derived from this advanced model of a 1911. Parts are upgradeable to the 1911 A2 model pistols today.

This model pistol is not available at this time and considered KLD Classified. The key feature of this new pistol is advanced technology functionality with ammunition exceeding 4,000 feet per second.

A4 Pistol Model
All pistol parts identified with "A4" nomenclature are derived from this advanced model of a 1911. Parts can upgrade the 1911 NCO A2, and A3 model pistols. The key feature is that it is gas operated and will function with all ammunition to Hypersonic speed without alteration. The pistol is not available at this time and considered KLD Classified

A5 Pistol Model
The A5 model system is not part of the 1911 platform. Slated for military use in 2100 it is the most advanced offensive pistol ever conceived and has no civilian use. Its key features are classified except it fires over 400 rounds a minute. The term "A5" in the name is to hide its design capability from view. It can be introduced today as a Close Quarters Battle Machine Pistol. It is one of the experimental weapons of Karl Lippard Designs that are highly classified.

SolidRifle™ **** Now in Production ****
The SolidRifle™ - US Patent 8365647 B2 is a new design concept and not an advancement of a previous design.

The Military bolt SolidRifle™ is round except for integral components. The Model name is "300L." This model is named after American Revolutionary hero "General Daniel Morgan" and signifies the "300 Lashes" the British gave him while spread eagle over a carriage wheel. It is to remind us all of his courage, and how far a man can go if he has the will to win.

The Sniper Rifle, is a new concept "Infantry Small Arm Multi Configuration Weapon System." A variation of SolidRifle™ (Patented and Patent Pending) is Semi-Auto or Fully Automatic. Much of this model is highly classified and available presently only to the military. It promises new ammunition and assets never before seen on a battlefield and will be totally made in America.

The fully automatic rifle with selective fire is a multi configuration design that can change its caliber and configuration is seconds to suit theater of War or tactical need.

The civilian version SolidRifle™ is called the "Daniel Morgan" in memory of his cunning, courage, and success at the Cow Pens during the America Revolution. It is a Bolt Action. It sports a solid one piece barrel and action of octagonal shape incorporating express 1/4 rib rear sight and integral front sight and barrel Sling Swivel. The bolt and firing system (also patent pending) are completely new and not an advancement of any previous design. This change in firing method is the first material change since the crossbow; a rifle firing design that actually has remained unchanged since the advent of the bow and arrow. No other firearm has ever been made like it and 2 patents have been issued to date with two patent pending.
We are now accepting orders for the SolidRifle™
Long live the "Daniel Morgan" and the "300L."

All our rifles support the new and patented Lippard Scope Rings and Mounts which require no screws to install. A variant fits the Combat NCO™ and removable in seconds with no screws. It can be mounted from any rifle to M2 .50 cal in 4 seconds.

Other Military Weapons in Development

- The WS: Weapon Surface, Ship Surface, and Ship Subsurface Weapon Systems. Ship/ Shore Defensive Strike, Safe Zone Protection, Battlefield Isolation. Manned or Autonomous. Mobile.
- The SWS: Spider Weapon System. Tactical, Safe Zone, Defense, Offense. Battlefield Isolation, Manned or Autonomous. Mobile.
- The ATCW: Anti Tank Battalion Weapon. Offensive Incapacitation.
- Clara: Civilian Weapon System. Defense, Anti-Pirate and Personnel.
- Medusa: Anti Personnel Device. Tactical, Defense. Mobile.
- AMGW: Anti ICBM System. Defensive Strike.
- AAGW: Anti Aircraft System. Defensive Strike.

Karl Lippard Designs has more weapon system diversity than any firearm manufacturer in the United States.