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Upgrading Your Exisitng 1911A1

Karl Lippard Designs in now offering the accuracy upgrade to the popular John Browning designed Model 1911. The upgrade comes from the famous 1911 Combat NCO package that incorporates 12 patents pending and 4 patents awarded making it the only 1911 made today with these features.

Upgraded Wilson Classic .45 acp
Upgraded new Wilson Classic .45acp

Many customers own Colt, Kimber, Para Ordnance, Caspian, Baer, STI, Wilson, Clark, Springfield Armory, Dan Wesson, and other quality pistols - but all these guns share the same origins and the same old design from the 1900 era John Browning original - regardless of the glow in the dark sights, fancy grips and paint jobs.

The new Karl Lippard Patents take the John Browning design to levels far beyond what was achievable in late 1800's. And the good news is that your 1911 can have the basic upgrade starting at $165.00 INSTALLED. That's right, your Colt 1911 A1 can be upgraded to an A2 model package for as little as $165.00 plus shipping.

So what does the upgrade include?

1) A Frame Modification
A minor alteration to the frame is required to allow the use of the patented Military link. The link cavity is opened to the full width to accommodate the larger military link.
This alteration to your frame will not prevent you from reverting to original parts should you be so inclined.

2) The Military Link
Now that your frame has been modified, a Military Link of the proper size is installed on your barrel. Your barrel is not altered. In order to achieve the desired accuracy, the old bicycle-chain barrel link must go. The new Military Link is the full width of the barrel link extension opening of the frame. The old John Browning link that is narrow and allows barrel movement, is now gone. That Link cavity is now opened to full width, thereby preventing the barrel from flexing during recoil. While the accuracy of many off-the-shelf models deteriorates after as little as 250 rounds, this upgrade extends and maintains the accuracy of the gun beyond the life of the other original parts.

3) The Barrel Bushing
Next we measure your barrel and install our new patent pending Barrel Bushing made of solid billet S7 vacuum arc remelt steel. It has new design features to extend the life of your barrel and keep your pistol firing accurately for the life of the pistol. (the life of a complete Combat NCO is set at 150,000 rounds. Military spec is only 15,000 rounds maximum) Then your pistol is reassembled and returned. Done deal.

You now own an A2 upgrade with enhanced accuracy AND a value substantially greater than all other 1911 renditions.

Upgraded Les Baer Special Forces Edition 1911 A2
Upgraded Les Baer Special Forces Edition
this also carries the NCO "Cam Ne" Magazine bumper/ejector.

Sound like a good deal?
Sure it is. But here's a little more information about why you should do this.

When you get a new standard Model 1911A1 it has a fairly good lock up. But once you start to shoot the gun things beyond your control begin to happen inside that may be damaging your pistol, causing it to begin its fall from grace as far as accuracy concerned.

Why is this?
In the 1911 design, the barrel is thrown back when fired. There are only two points that hold the barrel in battery; the Bushing and the Barrel Link. The barrel yaws to the left during firing. This torques the barrel. The barrel in the Bushing yaws too causing premature wear not only in the Bushing BUT your Slide locking surfaces as well!! So every time you fire your pistol it chips away at your Slide Lockup changing its location and in some cases even a dangerous condition of premature unlocking can occur.

Wow, didn't know that!
That's OK - most people don't know how their gun really works, but now you know a little more about this pistol's design. By keeping the barrel from yawing we can eliminate this problem. But suppose you have an old 1911 that has some issues and has lost some of its accuracy already - can this help?

Yes, it can.
True the old link system has screwed up the pistol and maybe the Slide locking surfaces, but the Military Link was designed for the Military. We have been told that the Marine Corps alone has more than 160,000 Model 1911 A1's and as many as 50,000 of those are out of commission. This Military Link was designed to put the majority of those pistols back in service - saving you the tax payer millions of dollars AND getting rid of the 9mm defensive round used today in favor of the tested, tried and true .45 acp!! The New Bushing puts the barrel back into guide spec. To use an analogy, "Your wheels are back in alignment!" And as with a car, when you have proper alignment of parts you reduce wear, add value, and preserve and enjoy your investment for years to come.

So how and when can you get your pistol upgraded?
Go to the Order page. Fill out the form completely including firearm serial number so parts are pull for that gun, select return shipping, select A2UG for A2 Upgrade service; type any questions you may have, print the work order for your files and select the "Send" button at the bottom. The order will be received and a PayPal invoice sent with instructions on how and where to ship you gun. Owners do not need an FFL to ship or receive back their firearm. Shipments however cannot be done by mail.

You will need to send the pistol to us with a check of $165.00 plus $25.00 for Fed Ex Ground return shipping. We also currently accept credit card payments via PayPal

Get the facts on the development, specifications, components, and capabilities
of the Karl Lippard 1911 A2 Pistol & A2/A3 Upgrade.
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