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A brief history of Karl Lippard and his association with the gun...

Mr. Karl Lippard served in Vietnam as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps where he was wounded in action on five occasions. As a Machinegun Squad Leader his specialty was weapons and explosives. In 1967 he joined LTV Aerospace where he was a prototype engineer on the Apollo Space Program. His work on firearms began with stabilizing the firing rate of the Gatling Gun Pod which went on the F4 Phantom. He also package designed the F8 Crusader and A7A weapons matrix and wiring systems among others. As the owner of the First National Gunbanque, Corp. since 1971, he has specialized in high grade engraved firearms giving him a unique understanding of guns being collected today. He is the author of the books "Perazzi Shotguns" and "Fabbri Shotguns", among others.

Employed at Pachmayr Ltd. as Division Manager and as Vice President of Perazzi, he customized and redesigned over 16 firearms before being contracted to John Wilkes. He has more recently designed a revolutionary sidelock Over/Under shotgun in two frame sizes. In addition, 2 entirely new Bolt Rifles, a Double Rifle, and has brought from Joseph Brazier, Ltd. the new technology barrels everyone is talking about today: The SolidSolid™, MonoSolid™ and SolidRifle™.

Mr. Lippard is also currently the owner and Managing Director of Joseph Brazier, Ltd., a premier supplier to the trade of fine firearms parts and barrels since 1827. Joseph Brazier supplies high quality components for many quality gun manufacturers.

Mr. Lippard has been active in shooting all his life, designing his first fired pistol at age 9. Lippard won his first rifle shoot at the Memphis State Turkey Shoot at age 10 - winning over the famed shooter Ad Topperwein after a long shoot-off in 1955. (Ad let the boy win).

In the Marine Corps in 1963, Lippard matched the Camp Matthews range record on his first day of shooting with a 248/250.

In 1984 Lippard borrowed David McLemore’s Model 75 .22 rifle from his collection, shot 6 test rounds to see what ammo the rifle favored and won the club's silhouette rifle shoot in Winnsboro, LA. He was the only shooter to use open sites.

As Vice President of Perazzi, USA he won several High Overall plates at Sporting Clays in Santa Barbara, CA, several Celebrity Handicap Trap shoots and a Gold Medal in France representing the USOST (United States Olympic Shooting Team) for Ball Trap.

In Sonora, Mexico he holds the highest number and average per shot kill of doves recorded there in a single morning, day and two day shoot. He is the author of the books; "The Warriors, United States Marines", "Perazzi Shotguns" and "Fabbri Shotguns".

Mr. Lippards other associations include:
Former Director of Browning Collectors Association
International Shooters Development Fund, Inc.
United States Shooting Team Counsel
Past Master, of Vickery Masonic Lodge #1351 Dallas, Texas
Senior Advisor, Foreign Economic Trade Committee, Liaoning Provence, Peoples Republic of China.
Cornet, South Vietnamese Army
President, Vietnam Memorial Foundation.

Mr. Lippard has applied for numerous design Patents with Patents currently pending on the process to make eight types of gun barrels, barrel linkage, bullets, and other gun related components. He has designed more than 16 firearms being made today and considered a Master Gunmaker in the Trade both in the USA and abroad.