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Welcome to a new world of design technology.
Welcome to Karl Lippard Fine Firearms and Design

Beginning in the aerospace industry in 1968, Karl Lippard has been providing engineering services to various corporations, designing products for aircraft, space vehicles, ammunition, firearms, and fishing reels, all with high tolerance requirements.

Today Karl Lippard designs are most visible in our original advanced firearm designs. In association with Joseph Brazier, Ltd., a Karl Lippard owned British corporation, Karl Lippard designs are disseminated in various products to the worldwide firearms trade.

Karl Lippard designed products are industry firsts and the finest obtainable anywhere.

Visit our Military Weapons Division website for information on the 1911A2 Combat NCO pistol, Close Quarter Battle Pistol, and other products now available to the public.

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Karl Lippard invented the first interchangeable part sidelock shotgun which includes interchangeable wood stock, locks, barrels and components. The Karl Lippard over-under shotgun is of a design so technically advanced, no other manufacturer can duplicate the technology.

Other inventions we purvey include the Combat NCO multi-caliber pistol as well as our ground-breaking SolidSolid™ and MonoSolid™ barrels for shotguns, and SolidRifle™ barrel for rifles - each made of a single piece of steel.

Compare and you will agree that the leading edge of firearm design can be found here.

Available at this site is a selection of our technically advanced new firearms, and our inventory of previously owned fine firearms, loading dies, and other products.